Water Dispensers Gold Coast

Icecap supply and install high-quality water dispensers on the Gold Coast for commercial businesses, large and small. Keep your staff and customers hydrated and comfortable with clean, fresh water from leading brands at competitive prices.

Our specialists offer an end-to-end service that can help you choose the right ice and water dispenser for your needs, install it and regularly maintain it to ensure you always have access to the best water for every occasion.

Water Dispensers Gold Coast
commercial water cooler Gold Coast

Common Uses For Commercial Water Coolers 


Commercial water coolers are used extensively throughout the Gold Coast in the food service industry, as well as commercial businesses, hotels, hospitals and aged care facilities.

Industrial water dispensers are also found on large construction worksites and mining sites. Having fresh, clean drinking water available onsite for workers helps to keep them hydrated and focused during long hours.

Some of the most common uses for commercial water dispensers include:


Cool or heat water for drinking


Dispense ice for beverages


Filter out pollutants for cleaner and more pure water

Need a Water Dispenser Install or Repair 

Types Of Water Dispensers Icecap Can Supply

Icecap has a wide range of countertop, free-standing and wall mounted ice and water dispensers to suit any food service need you may have. We stock high-quality products by leading brands.

water dispensing gold coast

Ice And Water Dispensers

Our extensive range of Follett ice and water dispensers deliver soft Chewblet ice that makes them a favourite choice for office water coolers, hospitals, aged care facilities and mining sites.

With the unique SensorSAFE ‘touchless’ dispensing feature, these systems offer the most sanitary experience available and greatly reduces the possibility of cross-contamination.

We can supply:


7 & 15 Series Ice & Water Dispensers


15 Series Sparkling Water & Ice Dispensers


Symphony Plus Ice & Water Dispensers

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Ice Pro Jug Fill Dispensers

The Follett Ice Pro Jug Fill Dispenser has been specifically designed to fill 5 litre or 10 litre willow jugs, making it perfect for mining and construction sites. These water jug dispensers eliminate the need for a shovel or scoop as they require just one touch to dispense ice.

ice-o-matic drink dispenser gold coast

Ice-O-Matic Ice & Water Jug Dispensers

These high-powered dispensers release cubed ice at the touch of a button with a jug fill option to suit 5 litre willow jugs. They’re a popular choice for hotels, construction sites and transport and distribution centres.

Why Use Icecap For Post Mix Drinks Service?

Industry Experience

We have over 20 years’ industry experience and knowledge in providing quality post mix machines to commercial food and beverage businesses from Northern NSW to Brisbane.


Highly Qualified Team

We have a team of highly trained technicians who know how to safely and effectively install and maintain post mix drink dispensers of all types to Australian Standards.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Owning your own drink system is the cheapest and most profitable way to serve drinks on a large-scale. We’ll work with you to offer expert advice and help you select a post mix dispenser that’s right for your business and budget.

Leading Brands

We only use the most trusted and reliable leading brands in post mix equipment and parts so you know you’re getting the best on the market.



Icecap is a one-stop-shop for all of your cold drink needs. As experts in commercial refrigeration, we also offer beer tap systems, ice machines and ice and water dispensers to compliment your range.

Quality Post Mix Drinks On The Gold Coast

When you need a post mix dispensing system on the Gold Coast you can count on, Icecap has the solution for you. Call our team today for more information or fill out our form for a free, no obligation quote or to book a service.